Go and sin no more

     “Go and sin no more” was the final WORD of the trial which could not continue. The penalty sentence according to God’s Law was ended because that same Law reversed on those who were trusted to uphold it. The familiar words from our Lord which freed the adulterous woman were, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her”. Jesus surprisingly endorses the action of stoning her, but also sent a conditional message into their consciences about it. The power of His Word had reached into their hearts and ultimately dissolved their assembly. And what could be the reason as to why Jesus wrote with his finger on the ground during this episode? Was this some sort of body language meant for those folks, or is there a relevant message in that for us? There’s no doubt this beloved passage contains the same life giving sermon for us as it did for everyone present that day.

     The barbaric act of throwing stones as a community execution was issued directly by God’s Word written in the books of Moses. The death penalty for persons breaking “purity laws” was to be initiated quickly upon the witness of 2 or 3 persons. These zero-tolerance commands in the Law were meant for the newly redeemed Israelites, for purging out the unhealthy influence of surrounding nations which would ruin them. The charges made by these men were actually the responsible duties of an Israelite Elder, AND, with perfect timing to test the so-called Messiah using God’s Word. We know they intended to find a flaw in His doctrine, and this situation gave them opportunity to set the perfect trap. These legalistic finger-pointers had never grasped the “Spirit of the Law” which was meant for the Spiritual Body of Christ. Jesus saw through their scheme and exposed the “sin of mankind” in the exact way God the Father intended when the original Law was given. The fact is, all spiritual sin spreads spiritual infection which causes spiritual death, and Jesus is surrounded by the disease.

     This woman was clearly living in violation to scripture but no stones were thrown. The Law which was to remain in effect up to this very moment could not be carried out because these fellows had an unexpected encounter with TRUTH. A higher Law has spoken, hypocrisy is exposed and guilt is everywhere. The Light has made visible the true Law breaker and true Law keeper at the same time. All hearts are in full view and there’s no escaping the same sentence due to everyone. In leaving the situation these men failed to enforce God’s ordained Laws based on the sin inside their own soul. They exit as guilty to both ministry and to God. Then Jesus turns to the woman and says; “where are your accusers”? This spiritual question proves man’s efforts to enforce laws written in stone are worthless because his corrupted ranking system is made convenient to skip past his own skin. See, they cannot not stand at the same place of repentance the way she did. Losing their exalted position among common folks would cost too much. Needing the same mercy as persons visibly sinful made them escape the Truth. In their hearts they felt legal breakdown on all sides but, whether they knew it or not they kept the Law through Christ. Their life-long sins turned into an end to the trap, mercy for the woman and the death sentence eventually fell on our Lord which keeps God’s Law perfectly intact. Jesus took the penalty for the sinful woman, the unrepentant clergy, and for us. The prosecution rests because the court has been satisfied in the higher Law of justice. Moses Law unchanged! The Law of God Almighty unchanged! Jesus Christ in shedding His blood and dying as the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind was executed by the Law meant for us, and He Lives to intercede on our behalf - Forever!

     Now that the Son of God has spoken the WORD to, “go and sin no more”, it stands as a commandment without removing any other. In a literal sense this command is actually impossible and meant to impose an impossible circumstance. In saying this, He did not address a specific sin – He addressed all sin. His WORD enters her ears and ours, her faith and ours. She’s given no definitive direction, no specific instructions, so what does she do now? Where can you go and sin no more? Our Savior speaks in continuity with every commandment of God giving us impossible deeds to fulfill, but Not impossible words. Because the Words are His! Consider that “in Christ” we unknowingly live out the complete fulfillment of God’s mercy, and the fulfillment of Death to sin. Jesus paid it all and we being “in Him” in the absolute actual sense - die to sin as well. We live in Him and we die in Him. When judging the sins made by others we bring this same trail to reverse on our own hearts. We are trusted to uphold the scriptures which clearly speak of penalties, responsible actions, consequences and the fear of the Lord. In judging others, we are condemned if we do, and condemned if we don’t - just like those men. But being “in Christ” carries the reality of going on without sin in the path of His Word, without definitive directions or instructions, but solely because He said so. Therefore, every soul needs the daily leading of the one standing so close to us!

Imagine an eternal picture of the Beloved; See the crowd of life-long judgment around yourself, filling the air with accurate accusations about your flawed character. Your sinful deeds exposed, charges are made against your selfishness kept in secret. The written laws underlined where you’ve broken them many times. Your lack of holiness known. Your guilty soul ready to meet with the commandment stones of eternal death. Like this woman you’re left hoping for mercy while the Lord Jesus writes on the cursed soil of your earthen heart. While He writes, you’re frozen still without a plea. What He writes is not spoken of, nor is it read by anyone, because it’s personal, one on one. Consider that Jesus’ finger to the ground is His individual laws of mercy written just for her and just for You! While He writes, the accusations are ended. It’s because all the laws and efforts to keep them can never accomplish what He’s already done in eternity past. You stand at the court of eternal judgment and hear; “go and sin no more”. You enter into eternal glory with Him. Because He has Blood-Shedding Love for You!

Teaching Staff at Bethany EPC

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